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Compass Initiative

Going, Going, Almost Gone!

The COMPASS Initiative grants are quickly being distributed! There are fewer than 70 grants to give away! If you’ve not applied yet for the COMPASS Journey or the COMPASS Quest programs, now is the time! EVERY USA & Canada District Licensed or Ordained Pastor serving in a local congregation can apply. The online application process takes less than 20 minutes to complete and then you can be one step closer to receiving the grant! Don’t Delay-Apply Today!

COMPASS Journey = up to $10,000 

COMPASS Quest = up to $2,000

Total = up to $12,000 to be used to pay off debt and/or invest in retirement savings!  

Apply at: The COMPASS Initiative



for minister or immediate family member
  • The district will reimburse pastors covering either the cost of the minister’s insurance copay or the full amount of service if there is no insurance.

  • Available for any ordained or district licensed minister on the NW District and immediate family member (spouse, child, or dependent living in the home). Again this includes lead pastors, full time and part time associate pastors, chaplains, retired ministers, those in special service assignments, unassigned ministers, etc.

  • Fill out this online form indicating who is seeking counseling and the name and contact information of the counselor. No questions will be asked about the reason for counseling.

  • Please send an invoice to the District Office (8607 N Division, Ste B, Spokane, WA  99208) after paying the counselor.  The District will reimburse pastors for their out-of-pocket costs.

  • If after 16 sessions there is need for more help, the minister can contact any DAB member, district office staff, or cluster coach to access more funds.

  • For those who do not have a counselor, view these counselor recommendations. 


Conference Support

for district-licensed and ordained ministers

Scholarships for Nazarene-Sponsored conferences are available.  Please email the District Office or call (509-466-0452) for scholarship requests.


Ministerial coaching initiative

a partnership with point loma nazarene university

In 2020, the PLNU Center for Pastoral Leadership received a grant for $1,000,000 from the Lilly Foundation to be used specifically to support the following groups of pastors:

  1. Pastors who pastor small churches
  2. Pastors who plant churches
  3. Pastors who pastor congregations serving communities of color

These pastors are invited to participate in a coaching partnership with PLNU in the following specific ways:

  1. Eight months of monthly one-on-one professional coaching (60 minutes for each session)
  2. Eight months (twice each month) of professional group coaching along with 5-10 other pastors in a similar role as you (90 minutes for each session)
  3. One 3-day training event at PLNU focused on the ministry challenges relevant to the cohort groups as identified by the coaches.  These will be conducted by content experts in the areas identified.

The cost of the coaching partnership is $500.00 for Ordained and District-Licensed Ministers.  The Northwest District will pay $450.00 of that fee.

More information about the coaching initiative is here:   https://www.pointloma.edu/centers-institutes/center-pastoral-leadership/ministerial-coaching-initiative

If you would like to be considered for coaching, please email the District Office at office@nwdistrict.org.