Next Steps Grant

Next Steps is a mini-grant program for churches seeking to take a “Next Step” to increase impact in their local communities.

The district makes finances available through multiple ministry grants to help churches who are experiencing fruitful ministry to continue the momentum in their kingdom work. The grant is intended to come alongside churches that have been strong and faithful participants in the district’s mission through various means of support.

“Next Steps” invites pastors and lay leaders to prayerfully engage in conversation about where you feel called to expand the gospel impact where you serve. Consider these questions:

  • Is there a new ministry that could open doors for you to be more effective in your local community? 

  • Is there a current ministry that could be expanded to reach beyond those you typically serve?

  • Might you join hands with another church for kingdom impact in your area?


For more information, view these documents: 

2023-24 Next Steps Grant Instructions 
2023-24 Next Steps Application Form​

Community Needs Assessment Procedures