Multi-cultural Ministries

Rev. Herminia Esqueda

District Multi-Cultural Ministries Coordinator

She serves as an Associate Pastor along with her Lead Pastor husband Armando at the Wapato Church. In addition, she works as an IT System Administrator for the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services. Herminia also serves as a founding member of the NOW Movement Network, a coordinated effort of Nazarenes in USA and Canada who are emboldened by the Spirit to pursue racial justice in our churches, communities, districts, and institutions now.

Hispanic leaders on our district include:

  • Kennewick Discipulos de Hoy - Rev. Fred & Severa Fuentes

  • Moses Lake Casa de Restauracion Maranata - Rev. Doroteo & Rev. Patricia Rivera

  • Othello Agape Love Ministries - Rev. Homero & Velma Montemayor

  • Richland El Senor es Dios - Rev. Jose & Rev. Juana Gonzalez

  • Wapato - Rev. Armando & Rev. Herminia Esqueda

  • Wenatchee Rios de Agua Viva - Rev. Walter & Guadalupe Delgado 

Rev. John and Gerri GrosVenor serve our Native Americans, living on the Colville Indian Reservation. They serve as an incarnational presence among the people.

Spokane First Church ministers to the Chin (Myanmar) refugee population through a Parent Affiliated Congregation. Most of this congregation has immigrated due to ethnic and religious persecution.